Bromine Recovery Plant

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Bromine Recovery Plant

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Process Description
The feed is acidified with 30% HCl acid and acidified feed is fed to the scrubber by pump to Scrub uncondensed chlorine from Vent Condenser and return back to the reaction column. In some cases the part feed is preheated using effluent from the reaction column prior to the entry of reaction column and part feed is fed to the scrubber to conserve energy. Chlorine and Steam are also fed to the reaction Column. In the reaction column the feed is reacted with chlorine gas & bromine is liberated Instantly. This liberated bromine is stripped out of the solution by live steam. The bromine and water vapor stream leaves the top of the column and enters the condenser. Condensate falls into the Phase Separator where it forms two phases, the light aqueous phase (Water) being returned to the Column ,while the heavy phase(Bromine) being feed the purification column. Cooling Water & Chilled Water is used as cooling media in heat exchanger provided at the top of the column to condense water vapor & Bromine. Purification of the Bromine is achieved by distillation. Heat being introduced into the column through the reboiler. Bromine and Chlorine vapor leave the top of the Column and enter the Condenser .The Bromine gets condensed in the Condenser and falls back into the column while uncondensed chlorine vapor along with traces of Bromine escapes from the Condenser and enter into the Vent Condenser, where remaining Bromine gets condensed and back to the crude Bromine receiver. Pure bromine is cooled in a product cooler and goes to Product receivers. Guard condenser is also provided at the top of the receiver to prevent escape of bromine. Bromine is then collected in glass bottles. From Industrial Effluents (NaBr/KBr/HBr) From Sea -Bittern . Available up to 600 mm Dia.

Over View of the System
The system consists of
Stripping /Reaction Column - Glass
Cooling/Chilling Heat Exchangers
Phase Separator - Glass
Bromine Purification Column
Pure Bromine Condenser -Glass
Vent / Guard Condenser - Glass
Bromine Reboiler - Glass Bromine
Product Cooler - Glass
Crude / Pure Bromine Collecting Receiver - Glass

Raw Material Requirement
1. Sea- Bittern (Brine)/ NaBr /KBr
2. Chlorine Gas
3. 30% HCl

Products Specifications
Bromine Liquid : 99.7% (w/w, min)
Chlorine : 0.3 % (w/w, max)