HCL Gas Generator (Sulphuric Acid Route)

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HCL Gas Generator (Sulphuric Acid Route)

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Commercial hydrochloric acid is available in the market as 30% aqueous solution and is widely used in industry in large quantities. But for certain applications e.g. in bulk drug/pharmaceutical industry HCI gas is required in anhydrous state for critical reactions where moisture cannot be tolerated. Such users generate anhydrous HCI from commercial
grade for their captive consumption. Several methods have been adopted but generation through SULPHURIC ACID ROUTE is the most reliable and handy technique.


Salient Features
1. Operational reliability – the unit can be started/stopped in
2. Compact and continuous unit – all operations viz. drying, mixing,
gas generation and cooling achieved in same unit.
3. Available in wide range capacities – from ±5kg to 200kg/hr of dry
4. Except cooling water no other utility e.g. Steam, chilled water etc.
are required.
5. Anhydrous gas.
6. Ease of installation.
7. Capable of operating from 25-120%.
8. Negligible pressure drop
9. High efficiency – 99%.


Raw Material Requirement
The indicative requirements for 20 kg/hr HCI gas generator are given
1. 30% HCL - 70
2. 98% H2SO4 -170
3. Cooling Water 2 m³/hr